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September, 2006         bloodroot

Recent News, Events and Tips on Animal Cancer
Compiled For All Animal Caretakers by Josée Clerens and John Clifton, Co-Authors of "Sparky Fights Back: A Little Dog's Big Battle Against Cancer"

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fact of the month: 

The majority of growths that occur on dogs are benign tumors. In most cases, a simple biopsy can determine if a lump is cancerous.  


Three New Things:

  Julia Szabo, in one of her New York Sunday Post columns on pets, recently reported on a new natural product being used to treat cancer in animals, one that appears to be having some remarkable success. The chief ingredient in the compound (named "Neoplasene") is bloodroot, a medicinal herb.

   We'd never heard of bloodroot and decided to do some research. We felt the information we came upon was worthy of bringing to your attention. You may find some of it unbelievable; we leave that to you. We're usually skeptical. Personally, we're hopeful about this one.

   It's important to get this across upfront: Bloodroot is powerful stuff, and should be used by professionals only -- DON'T ATTEMPT TO TREAT YOUR ANIMAL WITH THIS UNLESS YOU'RE A QUALIFIED VET!


   On another note, Amazon.com recently added a feature called "Amazon Connect." This is a new way for authors to post "blogs" right on the pages where their books are sold.  Readers can respond to the authors, by posting their own comments.

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Wishing you and your pets the best of health --

"Success in all your battles,"

    -- Josée and John

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Can It Eradicate Tumors In A Few Hours?

This herb, originally touted as a cancer treatment for humans, is being rediscovered as a veterinary remedy.  Like most herbal "cures," bloodroot can boast very little in the way of clinical studies. (There's seldom money available to test something you can grow in your back yard.) But the anecdotal evidence seems to be very convincing. Bloodroot, and Bloodrootcompounds made from it (often called "Black Salve"), are reportedly killing cancer cells in rapid order -- without damaging normal cells.

It sounds too good to be true. . .Is it?? Just what is bloodroot? Bloodroot is a flowering plant (Sanguinaria), with a thick root that emits a bright orange-scarlet juice when broken. Its medical use in America dates back 200 years:

"The use of bloodroot in the treatment of cancer is, however, not novel. In 1811 Dr. Weatherby, of Philadelphia, described it as 'a sure and long experienced antidote to expel all sorts of cancers.'" -- Page 374, Therapeutics and Materia Medica, Alfred Stillé.

American Indians were reportedly using it centuries ago, both as a dye and in treating rheumatic and skin diseases. 

Bloodroot is listed in the 1989 book "Medicinal and Other Uses of North American Plants"  (Charlotte Erichsen-Brown, Erichsen Brown) 
(1989) Page 319: 

1857 . . .Indians of the shores of Lake Superior used the juice for treating cancers. . .[A treatment was developed] based on a paste of bloodroot extract, zinc chloride, flour and water. The paste, smeared on a cloth, was put on a tumor until it became encrusted. Then cuts were made 1/2 inch apart into the tumor and filled with the paste. Generally the cancer fell out in about 6 weeks leaving a healthy sore. The Middlesex Hospital in London perfected the treatment and remissions occurred in 25 breast cancer patients. Later the treatment was judged of very little use but was revived in 1962 for superficial cancers of the nose and external ear (Lewis and Elvin-Lewis 1977.)

Today, many veterinarians are using Neoplasene and Black Salve to treat cancers on or near the skin of animals. We found at least one vet who is also using extracted distillates of bloodroot for internal use. 

Usually, the "Black Salve" is applied directly to visible tumors (mast cell tumors come to mind). It is claimed that the alkaloids in bloodroot kill cancer cells, while leaving normal cells undamaged, and this is borne out by reports from veterinarians who use it.

Apparently, the application of these products usually leaves a scar-producing  wound, which heals normally. The cancer literally exudes from the body, reportedly in as little as five hours.

We have a lot of questions as yet unanswered. Would this preparation be appropriate for lymphoma applied to the lymph glands or other areas?. . . Some cancers have been reportedly cured by artificially raising the temperature of the body.  Since this product produces fever-like effects, what role does body temperature elevation play in all this? We hope to find out more information on this (we think) extremely promising subject.

Here is an excerpt from "German Cancer Therapies", Morton Walker (2003) Page 120, which deals with the temperature-raising effect of alkaloids, such as are found in bloodroot:

. . .Still, Dr. Coley did establish the hypothetical value of body fever for the treatment of particular cancers. therefore, Robert C. Atkins, MD, medical director of the Atkins center in New York City, supposedly predicts his anticancer program on Coley's toxins combined with an alkaloid such as ukrain or the plant Sanguinaria canadensis in the family of bloodroot. The alkaloids raise the body temperature as high as 107°F. The combination of Coley's toxins and the alkaloid is administered ten or twelve times, each time a little higher dosage, with most patients reportedly showing a positive response. 

Links to Veterinary Information on Bloodroot Compounds

Here are some pretty amazing links that you can check out:

  • A NEW HOPE? By JULIA SZABO (New York Post article, a must-read!)  "Almost immediately after [Dr. Jill] Elliot injected the new growth with Neoplasene she says, 'the tumor started turning white, and about five hours later, the sick tissue was literally dying and dripping off. . .It's astounding,. . .with results like this, it's worth devoting the rest of my practice to.'"

  • CHIEF VETERINARIAN, HOUSTON HUMANE SOCIETY (PDF file - Once downloaded, go to PAGE THREE.)  "I have used this organic topical compound [Neoplasene] to treat cancerous growths of all types, primarily in dogs 10 years of age or older since their advanced age normally makes them a poor surgical risk. To date, more than 60 animals with various forms of external cancerous growths have been treated. These tumors range from about the size of a nickel to the size of a softball. In every instance, the Neoplasene has killed the diseased tissue and the animal is left with only healthy tissue." -- Dr. Harkness 

Where Can My Vet Purchase Bloodroot Products?

This newsletter is for informational purposes only, and the intent is to provide sources of possible veterinary assistance, treatments and other help for owners of animals with cancer. The authors do not in any way endorse or make claims for any of the medical personnel, medical facilities, treatments, therapies, medicines, or methods recommended, described or quoted herein. Nothing herein should be deemed to be medical or veterinary advice, since no doctors or veterinarians are employed by or connected with this publication. Visitors are directed to consult with licensed veterinarians for all medical advice. Although every effort is made to avoid factual errors, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the content of publication.


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